society for analytical and metrological systems


technical data

housing dimensions

400 x 250 x 160 mm

(W x H x D)

power supply

100 … 240 V / 50 … 60 Hz

operating voltage

24 V DC, about 20 watts

water hardness range raw water

0.9 mmol/l to 8.9 mmol/l

threshold value range soft water

0.009 mmol/l to 0.18 mmol/l

CLACK® types

TWIN; WS 1.0; WS 1.5; WS 2.0; WS 3.0

Cost-effectively operation of softener
with CLACK® control heads

SaveCost C

Is the "guardian" for a water softener that works specifically with CLACK® control heads. The parameterized hardness limit value is monitored and the regeneration of the columns is triggered at the CLACK® control head, if necessary. In addition to greater operational safety, the softener generates up to 160% more soft water with less flushing water and salt. This also reduces operating costs by up to 60%.

monitoring & control on CLACK® softeners:

  • use for TWIN, WS 1.0; WS 1.5; WS 2.0 and WS 3.0
  • monitoring the amount of soft water produced with a hardness sensor
  • triggering forced regeneration when capacity is exhausted

    at a glance

    • quality control operating mode
    • automatic change to quantity control (if required)
    • determination: additional yield of soft water, number of regenerations
    • automatic self-monitoring
    • chronological storage of operating data in the electronic operating diary (USB stick)
    • optional: LAN data interface (modbus)
    • optional: brine and salt storage tank control with alarm via e-mail (WLAN network required)

    ideal solution for

    • water softener with CLACK® control heads


    • too much use of salt and rinse water
    • too many regenerations
    • unnecessary maintenance


    • optimal utilization of the softener columns
    • more soft water (up to 160%)
    • more operational safety
    • lower operating costs (up to 60%)
    • less rinse water and salt (ecological operation)



      CLACK® : registered trademark of Clack Corporation

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