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hot water and steam boiler systems

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A good quality of the feed water is essential for smooth boiler operation. In addition to protection against corrosion and deposits, continuous monitoring and appropriate control of the most important control parameters also offer untapped savings potential in the boiler house. OFS devices can tap this potential for savings and thus contribute to the ecological use of resources. The user-friendly handling leads to more efficiency, more reliable operation of the system and to savings in energy and costs.

Online measuring and control system FWS-Control for optimizing the boiler system of hot and steam boilers

With FWS-Control from OFS, many steam boiler systems can be retrofitted and modernized quickly and inexpensively, i.e. operated more economically. How does this work? Using FWS-Control, the chemicals required to operate the hot and steam boiler are only dosed according to qualitative requirements and not according to quantitative specifications. The required amount of chemicals used is optimized and usually minimized. Savings of up to 60 percent can be achieved. This has a clearly positive effect on boiler efficiency and saves valuable resources. Furthermore, the needs-based control of the boiler protects against steam loss and still protects against corrosion in the steam boiler. The optimal operation of the steam boiler with FWS-Control means a lot more safety and less costs for the operation.

The most important advantages of a comprehensive control, control and optimization of the boiler system of hot and steam boilers are:

  • Saving of vapor and desalination losses
  • Increase in boiler thickening and the operational and process reliability of the boiler through continuous monitoring of the most important key parameters such as pH value, oxygen content and conductivity of the water
  • Optimization of load-fluctuating operating processes with savings in energy and operating costs
  • Documentation of the measured and process values ​​in the electronic operating log
  • Remote maintenance for comprehensive services

μdox - mobile handheld meter

  • service case for optimization of the boiler system
  • handy, compact "mini-laboratory"
  • fast measurements in low ranges
  • fast oxygen sensor with very reproducible measurement resolution up to 1μg / l
  • very fast response time of the oxygen sensor (t90 of approx. 13 sec)