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technical data

housing dimensions

380 x 600 x 210 mm

(W x H x D)

power supply

230 Volt / 50 Hz

operating voltage

about 20 Volt


measuring range

0.001 mg/l to saturation


threshold range

0.01 mg/l to 0.5 mg/l

residual oxygen monitoring in the feed water boiler


O2-Analyzer is used to continuously monitor the oxygen in the feed water boiler. This continuous control of the residual oxygen content in the feed water boiler is necessary to prevent corrosion in the boiler and in the pipes. The efficiency of the degasser and its thermal effect are continuously monitored with a continuous analysis and an alarm is triggered if the residual oxygen content is exceeded. This not only increases the operational safety of the feed water boiler, but also that of the entire steam boiler system and ensures it will last for years.

O2-Analyzer is a very fast control system for monitoring the residual oxygen concentration in the boiler feed water. A fast oxygen electrode is integrated in the device for direct oxygen monitoring. This means that oxygen binding agents can be optimally dosed. The measured residual oxygen content is shown on the display of the O2-Analyzer and electronically saved with a time stamp. The measurement data can then be evaluated by computer technology or output and monitored continuously. If the residual oxygen limit value is exceeded for a certain period, the O2-Analyzer triggers a limit value alarm.

A small flow-through cooler is integrated in the device, which cools the sample to approx. 25 ° C. The oxygen sensor can be calibrated manually. The oxygen sensor is maintenance-free and is simply replaced when it is exhausted. All alarms and calibrations are shown on the display of the O2-Analyzer and documented in the electronic operating manual. The overall system for monitoring the oxygen in the feed water boiler is therefore very safe and reliable.

at a glance

  • fast measurement of residual oxygen content
  • maximum residual oxygen threshold value and overrun time of the threshold value parameterizable
  • alarm triggering if oxygen threshold value is exceeded
  • data storage in the electronic logbook
  • optional networking with higher-level control centers

ideal solution for

  • big laundries
  • brewery
  • bakery


  • corrosion
  • defects
  • rust


  • improvement of the efficiency of the feed water boiler
  • saving oxygen binders
  • prevention of overdosing of oxygen binders
  • improvement of the thickening in the steam boiler
  • reduction of desalination

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