society for analytical and metrological systems


technical data

housing dimensions

400 x 250 x 160 mm

(W x H x D)

power supply

100 ... 240 V / 50 ... 60 Hz

operating voltage

15 V DC, about 20 watts

water hardness range raw water

0.8 mmol/l to 32.4 mmol/l

water hardness range blended water

0.2 mmol/l to 10.8 mmol/l

Monitor hardness threshold value of blended water

Softcontrol V-UE

For certain processes, a low water hardness is required. To achieve this, soft water is blended with raw water. This resulting water hardness is influenced by the change of raw water, flow, pressure and blending valve. The continuous monitoring of the water hardness behind a blending system with Softcontrol V-UE is thus of great importance.

at a glance

  • continuous monitoring of the blended threshold value
  • visualized output of the measured values
  • no use of indicators
  • continuous measurement as long as blended water flows
  • easy installation and parameterization

ideal solution for

  • food industry
  • big laundries
  • beverage industry


  • defects
  • subsequent damages caused by hard water intrusions
  • scale deposits


  • monitoring device for variable water hardness threshold values from 0.2 mmol/l to 10.8 mmol/l based on the input water hardness of the blending plant
  • alarm system for blended water system with high safety requirements for the quality of the blended water
  • automatic data storage and data output via current loop

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