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solutions for monitoring are used in a variety of applications and industries:

monitoring of water softeners and reverse osmosis

High operating and process reliability thanks to fully automatic operation - downstream systems such as steam boilers or reverse osmoses continuously receive softened water. The OFS devices guarantee this safety through the automatic operation and immediate signaling of threshold value overruns and brine-shears, such as Softcontrol Smart. Occasional hardness dips are therefore over.

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quality-controlled regeneration triggering

Water softening systems usually work after the ion exchange process. The cations contained in the water, such as calcium and magnesium ions, are exchanged with sodium ions. When a complete replacement has occurred, regeneration by saline flushing occurs.

This renewal can be time, quantity or quality dependent. In most cases, volume-controlled regeneration is chosen for industrial plants. The problems that arise from this are resolved with a quality-controlled regeneration. For example with Softcontrol RM for almost all water softeners and SaveCost C especially for softeners with Clack® control heads.

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hot and steam boiler systems

For a smooth boiler operation, a good quality of the feed water is indispensable. In addition to protection against corrosion and deposits, uninterrupted savings potential is also available in the boiler house with continuous monitoring and appropriate control of the most important control parameters. OFS devices such as μdox or FWS-Control can exploit these potential savings and thus contribute to the ecological handling of resources.

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open cooling circuits

Industrial water cycles are subject to a variety of process-related challenges. Above all, biological growth, contamination and corrosion must be contained or eliminated. To make matters worse is the diverse chemical composition of supplementary water. Usually, a rigid metered addition of chemicals is used here.

In the interests of an intact environment, however, the use of chemicals should be reduced and adapted to requirements, which ultimately translates into lower operating costs. The OFS product Smartpure offers specific solutions.

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