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open cooling circuits

Industrial open water cycles are subject to biofilm formation, pollution and corrosion. A further complication is the diverse chemical composition of top-up water. Usually, a rigid metering of biocides is used to disinfect open process water circuits.

In the interest of an intact environment, however, the use of biocides should be reduced and adapted to the actual requirements of a changing water quality. This is possible with the modules from OFS. Specially developed disinfection modules for electrolytic disinfection in water improve the water quality of open, industrial water cycles. The better water quality prevents the formation of corrosion and biofilms in the cooling circuit. The lower use of resources for chemicals and energy saves costs when operating the system. The cooling circuit works more efficiently and economically as a whole. The company becomes more ecological and sustainable.

The OFS solutions meet precisely this requirement ...

OFS' chemical-free disinfection technology sanitizes water microbiologically. It dissolves biofilms on the pipe walls and also kills harmful microorganisms in the water or prevents further growth. The contamination and corrosion of cooling circuits by bacteria is prevented or greatly reduced. Germs in the pipes of the water cycle are reduced or do not arise. The cooling water is of better quality.

And this is how chemical-free disinfection works for better water quality: Smartpure from OFS is equipped with special ceramic electrodes for efficient inline electrolysis. In this way, the oxidants required for sanitization, such as chlorine or hydroxyl radicals, are generated during the flow of water. This means that the chlorine ions contained in the water are converted into hypochlorous acids, which have a high disinfecting effect.

The advantages of the biocide-free disinfection of cooling and air conditioning circuits at a glance:

  • External chemical additives such as chlorine dioxide or biocides for microbiological cleaning of the water and the water system are not required.
    They do not have to be purchased, stored and not brought into the operation of water cycles under strict safety requirements.
    That saves costs and relieves the environment.
  • The inline electrolysis is fast and ensures very low-germ water - up to 99.9 percent.
  • When the water is cleaned, the entire water cycle, including all lines and the heat exchanger, is automatically cleaned.
  • Removal of biofilms and killing of dangerous legionella
  • Low energy consumption
  • Reduction of heavy metals in the water
  • Positive side effect: Reduction of the water hardness
  • Enrichment of the water with dissolved oxygen
  • Lower wastewater pollution due to the lack of biocides
  • The module for biocide-free disinfection and improvement of the water quality in cooling circuits can be easily retrofitted and integrated into existing systems.