society for analytical and metrological systems


technical data

power supply

100 to 240 V AC

brine sensor

Ø 15 mm; length 97 mm


hanging freely in the

brine shaft



email via

WLAN network



potential-free contact

1. alarm input

salt and/or brine


2. alarm input

alarm forwarding

from the softener

Hard water despite softener?

SALIS monitors salt / brine tank

Find out when you are receiving hard water instead of soft water before you know it.
SALIS monitors and alerts you if there is a lack of salt or brine in the softener's salt / brine tank.
Continuous mainenance work is thus reduced to a minimum.

Monitoring of undetected problems on softeners:

  • not enough salt in the tank
  • too little water and / or too little brine
  • salt incustations in the storage tank (salt bridges)
  • blockages of the water pipe in the brine shaft

at a glance

  • quick and easy installation of the brine sensor in every softener with salt / brine tank
  • space-saving evaluation unit near the softener
  • status display via LEDs
  • wireless alerting via email
  • wired alarms if no WLAN network is available
  • additional alarm e.g. for softener (via external alarm input)
  • configurable alarm times
  • alarm via e-mail every 24 hours (until the alarm disappears)

ideal solution for

  • water softening systems
    with sodium chloride regeneration


  • timely alarm if maintenance is required on the salt / brine tank
  • more safety for the provision of soft water
  • less control and maintenance effort

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