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Softcontrol Clack

SaveCost C is the "guardian" for a CLACK® water softener. More operational safety with optimal utilization of the softener columns with up to 160% soft water and less use of rinsing water and salt.

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sensor with cable, Sensor mit Kabel

Quick email notification when the softener no longer produces soft water.
The SALIS WLAN sensor monitors and alerts you by e-mail if there is a lack of salt or brine in the water softener's storage tank.

 µdox – Handmessgerät für pH, gelösten Sauerstoff, Redox, Gesamthärte und Säurekapazität

The oxygen sensor analyzes liquids with 1 ppb resolution. The analysis is very fast at the same time. The residual oxygen content in gases is also measured in the μ range.

Der Einsatz von Dosierchemikalien wird optimiert, was sich in einer verbesserten Kesselwassereindickung und letztendlich in einer erhöhten Kesseleffizienz wiederspiegelt. Durch bedarfsgerechte Ansteuerung des Brüdenventils werden Dampfverluste reduziert.

With FWS-Control of OFS the entire steam boiler cycle is optimized energetically and ecologically according to ISO 50001.
Up to 8% of the operating costs of a steam boiler system can be reduced.

Mit Softening Control bietet sich eine prozentuale Resthärteüberwachung in Bezug zur Rohwasserhärte.

With Softening Control Duo it is possible to achieve a more efficient operation of the Rondomat Duo softener.
The regeneration of the softener is less frequent, salt and rinse water are saved.