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product overview

- products for process water -

monitoring of water softeners and reverse osmosis

Always monitor the softened water for increased hardness concentrations easily, precisely and without chemicals. From simple to complex solutions. Always reliable and safe - for more security of your processes without constant maintenance effort.


quality-controlled regeneration triggering

For more efficiency and longevity of water softeners, it makes sense not only to monitor the water at the outlet but also to control the softener. Up to 50% water and salt can be saved by means of the automatic regeneration release. This makes the water softener more economical and, thanks to constant monitoring, also longer lasting.


hot water and steam boiler systems

Steam and hot water boilers can represent a big energy cost factor in the company. Optimized analysis and control of the entire boiler system can reduce operating costs by up to 10%. The simultaneous efficient energy saving also contributes to the fulfillment of the energy management system according to ISO 50001.


process reliable operation on open cooling circuits

Circulating waters in air conditioning, humidification or open cooling systems are heavily germinated, depending on the process conditions. Despite intensive use of biocides, these stresses lead to biofilm formation on pipe walls and heat exchangers. The consequences are additional energy and water losses, corrosion and possible environmental pollution.

With a novel cleaning process, the use of chemicals is decreased and costs reduced. The circulating water is microbiologically purified by up to 99%, microorganisms harmful to health are greatly reduced and biofilms are replaced. The special feature is that no additional chemicals have to be inserted into the circuit, which means that the use in the long run is economical and ecological.