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monitoring of water softeners and reverse osmosis

products OFS GmbH - advantages

high operational and process reliability thanks to fully automatic
Downstream installations such as steam boilers or reverse osmosis systems continuously receive softened water. The OFS devices guarantee this safety through the automatic operation and immediate signaling of threshold value overruns and brine-shears, such as the Softening Control. Occasional hardship dips are therefore over. This promotes the continuous safe operation of industrial process water systems.

exploit cost saving potential
OFS products such as Softcontrol V-UE (measure blended water) or Softcontrol RM (trigger regeneration of softener) promote less costs thanks to their self-monitoring and qualitative monitoring of the connected equipment. These include decreasing water consumption, lower use of chemicals and lower maintenance and personnel costs.

consume up to 25% less water and salt
The water is continuously monitored by the downstream installation of water softeners and, if necessary, the water softeners are controlled. This saves up to 25% on water and salt consumption.

no wastewater pollution due to indicators or additives
Unlike the wet-chemical process, this process does not require the addition of indicators. This know-how based on ion-selective electrodes makes a departure from conventional technology possible. Protecting the environment from harmful influences is thus guaranteed.

interference-free process through self-monitoring
Almost all OFS products are equipped with integrated self-monitoring and cyclic self-calibration of the sensor, which contributes significantly to a interference-free process with higher security. Thus, all downstream systems are protected from uncontrolled influences.

installation and operation easy and reliable
Installation, commissioning and operation of the OFS devices are completely uncomplicated. Except for occasional sensor changes that can be performed by the user, all types, from the simplest Softcontrol Smart to the full Softcontrol Data (or Softcontrol Carbonate), are virtually maintenance-free.