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rapid measurement of oxygen up to 1 ppb

The μdox mobile handheld meter offers a very sensitive and fast oxygen measuring system. Gases and liquids can be analyzed at 1ppb resolution. At the same time, the analysis is very fast. In the video, the sensitivity and speed of the residual oxygen measurement in the water is clarified.


µdox is characterized by its ease of use combined with the measurement quality of high-quality laboratory equipment with simultaneous stability. For exact, fast and reliable measurements directly on site - in the field or in production.
It is a multi-parameter hand-held measuring device that determines relevant measured values ​​for checking the water quality using its sensors. These include pH, redox, total hardness, acid capacity and dissolved oxygen.
The measuring device is particularly easy to use and to display and record the data.
The µdox measuring device is available in versions with an O2 sensor, pH sensor or pH / ORP sensor.

Particularly suitable for measurements on hot and steam boiler systems, in district heating systems and power plants.


  •     "mini-laboratory" in a handy measuring case
  •     Fast measurements in low measuring ranges
  •     Fast oxygen sensor with very reproducible measurement resolution up to 1µg / l
  •     Very fast response time of the oxygen sensor (t90 of approx. 13 sec)