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sustainable energy and cost savings in steam boiler systems

FWS-Control bietet eine qualitative Kontrolle von Speisewasser- und Dampfkessel mit qualitätsgesteuerter Dosierung

Steam and hot water boiler systems can be among the most energetic weaknesses in the company. They represent significant cost factors when it comes to energy. In contrast, there is an efficient way to save more energy. For this purpose, a product has been developed that reduces up to 8% of the operating costs of a steam boiler system. It also contributes to the fulfillment of the energy management system according to ISO 50001.

With the FWS-Control analysis and control system from OFS, the entire steam boiler cycle is optimized both energetically and ecologically. This enables the efficient saving of energy costs. At the same time, the company supports energy cost management and improves environmental protection. Another plus: planned energy savings can be swiftly implemented by simply retrofitting the product into existing systems.
The entire boiler waters are analyzed and optimized. Thanks to continuous monitoring, FWS-Control can react very dynamically to load fluctuations and work very efficiently. The exhaust vapour losses are reduced in this way. Controlled activation of the exhaust vapour valve reduces vapor losses by up to 80%.

To avoid unwanted reactions in the steam boiler, such as corrosion, conditioning agents are supplied. Due to the fully automatic, constant measurement and monitoring of the feed water, the appropriate dosage of the conditioning agent takes place. In the feed water boiler, this leads to a considerable reduction in the used resources by up to 60%. The consequence is that a higher thickening is achieved in the steam boiler. This results in a reduction of up to 40% in the rates of desalination.

The energy-efficient mode of operation has been tested and certified by the Technical Control Board (TÜV). All in all, the individual resource and energy savings result in a significant overall reduction of up to a tenth of the operating costs. Thus, FWS-Control optimizes various processes of the feed and steam boiler for increased efficiency of the entire system.