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Making CLACK® softeners safer & more efficient

SaveCost C is the "guard" for a CLACK® water softener. This leads to more operational reliability and optimal utilization of the softener columns. The softener generates up to 160% soft water with less rinse water and salt. This reduces operating costs by up to 60%. The continuous maintenance of water softening systems is also reduced to a necessary level.

The automatic triggering of the regeneration on the CLACK® control head takes place when the configured hardness limit value is exceeded. The prerequisite is the constant analysis of the quality and the throughput of soft water per column.

SaveCost C is available on every water softener with sodium chloride regeneration and CLACK® control heads of the TWIN types; WS 1.0; WS 1.5; WS 2.0 or WS 3.0 can be installed. Commissioning and operation is also uncomplicated. Subsequent installation in an existing system is also feasible.

The additional yield of soft water and the number of regenerations are among other important recorded information. In addition, the flow rate and the savings achieved are recorded for each softening column. These operating data are electronically recorded chronologically and stored in the device on a readable USB stick. At higher process levels, data communication takes place via TCP / IP connection (LAN).

SaveCost C works ecologically and cost-effectively, as no reagents or indicators are required. All measurements are carried out by an ion-selective sensor for calcium and magnesium ions.
Optionally, the brine / salt storage tank of the softener can also be monitored with the OFS product SALIS and a wireless alarm can be triggered by email if a WLAN network is available. In conjunction with SALIS, comprehensive protection of the entire water softener system is provided.