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WLAN sensor SALIS for monitoring the water softener

Quick email notification when the softener no longer produces soft water. The SALIS WLAN sensor monitors and alerts you by e-mail if there is a lack of salt or brine in the water softener's storage tank. Maintenance work is reduced to a minimum.

If the water softener is in the WLAN network, the alarm can be conveniently received by e-mail. If WLAN is not available on the softener, there is a potential-free contact to transmit the sensor's alarm by wire. It is optionally possible to connect and signal the external alarm of the softener.

The sensor can be quickly installed in any salt / brine storage tank of the softener. The high level of accuracy, quick responsiveness and stability help to identify and alert problems quickly.

A reminder function can be activated, with which the evaluation unit of the sensor sends an e-mail as a reminder every 24 hours. This continues until the alarm disappears. The LEDs on the device also show the status of WLAN operation and any alarms on site. There is always the certainty of knowing when the maintenance of the salt / brine tank of the softener has to be carried out.