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operating cost savings on water softening systems

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Do you think more softened water and lower operating costs of softener with constant soft water quality are not possible? Yes, of course!

With Softcontrol-Q: a continuous soft water monitoring with direct control of the pilot distributors and control valves
various manufacturers (for example SIATA control valve V 250 or FLECK 9100)

Softcontrol-Q is an online water hardness measurement and control system for quality-controlled operation and regeneration of water softening systems by means of direct control of the central control valves. This significantly increases the soft water throughput compared to volume-controlled operation and reduces operating costs.

Softcontrol-Q monitors the soft water quality. When the hardness limit is reached, the regeneration of the softening column is started automatically. The system works independently and automatically switches to volume-controlled operation when a sensor fault is detected and signals this status externally. Possibility to parameterize the operating and regeneration process and the soft water limit is feasible. All operating data, including profitability, are documented and managed in an electronic operating diary. Remote maintenance via Ethernet is optional.

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