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hot water and steam boiler systems

For a smooth boiler operation, a good quality of the feed water is indispensable. In addition to protection against corrosion and deposits, uninterrupted saving potentials are also available in the boiler house with continuous monitoring and appropriate control of the most important control parameters. OFS devices can exploit these potential savings and thus contribute to the ecological handling of resources.

online measuring and control system FWS-Control


The use of dosing chemicals is optimized, which is reflected in improved boiler water thickening and, ultimately, increased boiler efficiency. By appropriate control of the exhaust vapour valve steam losses are reduced.

the main advantages are:

  • saving exhaust vapour losses and increasing boiler thickening
  • ensuring and increasing operational and process reliability with continuous monitoring of the most important parameters pH value, oxygen value and conductivity
  • optimization of load-fluctuating operating processes with savings in energy and operating costs
  • comprehensive documentation with electronic operating log
  • comprehensive services via remote maintenance

μdox - mobile handheld meter

  • service case for boiler operation
  • handy, compact "mini-laboratory"
  • fast measurements in low ranges
  • fast oxygen sensor with very reproducible measurement resolution up to 1μg / l
  • very fast response time of the oxygen sensor (t90 of approx. 13 sec)